Urological Disorders - Diseases / Urinary Tracks Stones

Urinary Tracks Stones:

These stones could be created in the entire urinary tracks, such as; kidneys, pelvis, ureter, bladder & urethra.
Most of the stones are made of some form of calcium salts, yet, it should be noted that even small amounts of urea & uric acid are enough to make stones. 
Reduction in liquid intake, specially water, and instead increase in drinking tea & high calcium water, being overweight, excessive consumption of dairy products & taking Ca  + Vitamin D may raise the risk of developing urinary tracks stones.
Of course, there are people who would develop stones, because of the genetic or hormonal factors.
Once, the kidney stone (s) starts moving, it becomes very painful, and it is often associated with nausea, cramps, vomiting or even fainting.
In these situations, you must immediately visit your nearest clinic or an Urologist to receive the proper treatment. 

There are 3 types of surgeries performed on the urinary track stones, based on their size, as are described below:

  • ESWL
  • TUL
  • PCN

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