Urological Disorders - Diseases / Bladder Cancer

Bladder Cancer:

The incidence of Bladder Cancer in men is twice higher than in women, and usually occurs over the age of 40.
Exposure to toxic/carcinogenic chemicals, such as having worked in the paint making plants; smoking cigarettes, hookah or opium, drinking alcoholic beverages and parasitic infections, like schistosomiasis may increase the risk of bladder cancer.

One of the primary signs is, having gross hematuria, without any feeling of pain or irritation, which in these cases the person, must seek professional assistance and visit an urologist, immediately.
Before starting any treatment, the urologist would order proper examinations, ultrasound, cystoscopy and biopsy if it is required.

Based on the biopsy results, the tumor in the bladder might be removed, and no other operation is required afterwards. Otherwise, the malignant bladder is completely taken out and it is replaced with an artificial bladder made of gut for the patient.