1- What causes blood in urine?

May have many different reasons, such as; bladder infections, urinary track stones, or even tumors in urinary system.
At these times, seeking professional opinions of an urologist is highly recommended.

2- How much liquid should I consume, daily? And, what should I drink? 

Consuming liquids, doesn’t mean drinking tea, juices, etc…, because consuming these liquids does not replace water. Drinking at least 2-3 liters of water daily is recommended, especially in the hot climate of Iran.

3- Do I have prostate? 

Every male has the prostate gland. Usually, this term is used, when the person develops urinary difficulties, due to prostate problems, such as; enlarged or infected prostate & urinary track stricture, causing urination problems.
The onset and prevalence of prostate diseases is from the age of 40 and up.

4- What can I do to prevent enlarged prostate and its related problems? 

Generally, prostate gland starts getting bigger from the age of 40-45 years.
Eating the healthy diet, taking some recommended food supplements, preventing urinary track & prostate infections, and consuming food items containing antioxidants would increase having a healthy prostate.  

5- What are the prostate treatment procedures? 

The first step for the treatment of enlarged prostate is by drug therapy, if not successful, an operation would be recommended.For additional info, you may watch the related video provided.

6- Is the pain on my flank, because of my kidneys?

These types of pains are not necessarily due to kidney problems, it is rather could be problem of spinal column, which you must seek an orthopedics recommendation.
Generally, pain in flank muscles could be sport’s cramps as well.

7- What should I do, when I feel Dysuria?

Usually, irritation of the urethra is the sign of infection. You may find more about it under the Infectious and Venereal Diseases section.
In addition, stenosis and also movement of stone in the track, would cause urinary irritation.   
Drinking plenty of water, and seeking professional advice of an urologist is recommended.

8- What are the reasons for pain and swelling in testicles?

These symptoms could be due to infection, testicles torsion & stone mobility.
In many cases, based on cultural behaviors, men avoid seeking medical help, which if the problem persists testicle tumors may spread to other parts of the body.

9- How can I prevent stone formation?

First of all, it must be noted that, stone formation in kidneys and bladder could have numerous reasons.
On the other hand, stones are made of different materials, which their chemical analysis is required. 
In general, drinking plenty of water daily is essential to prevent stone formation.
Of course, after existing stones are analyzed, proper diet would be recommended to slow down the future stone formation in the kidneys.

10- Does the urethra discharge need treatment?

Usually, these types of discharge are associated with pain & irritation.
Before any treatment, a close examination and tests are required, and in case of infection, proper medication would be prescribed.